Wenjia Wang | 王文佳

I'm currently a Ph.D. student (from Jan.2023) in the Department of Computer Science of HKU, supervised by Prof. Taku Komura. I am interested in 3D Human Motion Capture & Synthesis and 3D Object Reconstruction & Generation.

My career plan is to become an outstanding researcher in computer animation. In my spare time, I enjoy fitness and boxing. I also have a fondness for strategy and tower defense video games.


Nov 23, 2023 Zolly has been released. :sparkles:
Aug 12, 2023 Zolly is selected as ICCV2023 Oral. :sparkles:
Jul 18, 2023 Zolly is accepted by ICCV 2023. Focusing on perspective-distorted 3D human pose and shape estimation.:sparkles:
Jan 1, 2023 Get enrolled as PhD student in HKU. :sparkles:
Jul 10, 2022 HuMMan is accepted by ECCV 2022, selected as Oral. :sparkles:

Main Publications

  1. MuSHRoom: Multi-Sensor Hybrid Room Dataset for Joint 3D Reconstruction and Novel View Synthesis.
    Xuqian Ren, Wenjia Wang, Dingding Cai, Tuuli Tuominen, Juho Kannala, Esa Rahtu
    Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision 2024 (WACV 2024)
  2. Zolly: Zoom Focal Length Correctly for Perspective-Distorted Human Mesh Reconstruction.
    Wenjia Wang, Yongtao GeHaiyi Meii, Zhongang Cai, Qingping Sun, Yanjun Wang, Chunhua ShenLei Yang†, and Taku Komura
    In Proc. of the IEEE International Conf. on Computer Vision 2023 (ICCV 2023 Oral, top 1.8%)
  3. HuMMan: Multi-Modal 4D Human Dataset for Versatile Sensing and Modeling.
    Zhongang Cai*, Daxuan Ren*, Ailing Zeng*, Zhengyu Lin*, Tao Yu*, Wenjia Wang*, Xiangyu Fan, Yang Gao, Yifan Yu, Liang Pan, Fangzhou Hong, Mingyuan Zhang, Chen Change Loy, Lei Yang†, Ziwei Liu†
    European Conference on Computer Vision 2022 (ECCV 2022 Oral)

Academic Services

  • Teaching Assistant for COMP7404C.
  • Reviewer for TIP2022, ICCV2023, ICLR2024.