Wenjia Wang | 王文佳 😎

🐧I'm currently a Ph.D. student (from Jan.2023) in the Department of Computer Science of HKU, supervised by Prof. Taku Komura. I am interested in 3D Human Motion Control & Capture and Generative AI for Graphics.

My career plan is to become an outstanding researcher in computer animation. In my spare time, I enjoy fitness💪 and boxing👊. I also have a fondness for strategy and tower defense video games🎮.

🙌For Prospective Student

    Our team is seeking undergraduate/master students interested in human pose estimation, motion control, and Large-Language-Motion-Models (LLMM). We offer opportunities to work on your thesis or join as a Research Assistant.
    👇 What you can get:
      ✅ Cutting-edge research in human-compute graphics.
      ✅ Hands-on experience with high-end equipment: advanced mesh scanners and motion capture system.
      ✅ Collaborative thesis development or full-time research role.
      ✅ Recommendation letters for your applications.
    If you feel interested, just send me an email. (wwj2022@connect.hku.hk)


Mar 19, 2023 The preprint of HumanWild has been released. ✨
Dec 12, 2023 We have built the Webpage of HumanWild. Code and paper will come soon. ✨
Nov 23, 2023 Zolly has been released.✨
Aug 12, 2023 Zolly is selected as ICCV2023 Oral. ✨
Jul 18, 2023 Zolly is accepted by ICCV 2023. Focusing on perspective-distorted 3D human pose and shape estimation. ✨
Jan 1, 2023 Get enrolled as PhD student in HKU. ✨
Jul 10, 2022 HuMMan is accepted by ECCV 2022, selected as Oral. ✨

🎓Academic Services

  • Teaching Assistant:
    • COMP7404C, 2024 spring. (Computational intelligence and machine learning, by Dr. Schnieders Dirk of HKU CS Department).
    • COMP3329, 2024 spring. (Computer Game Design and Programming, by Dr. TW Chim of HKU CS Department).
  • Reviewer:
    • Conference: ICCV2023, ICLR2024, ECCV2024, ACCV2024.
    • Journal: TIP2022.